Tuesday 29 March 2022

How to Enable Networking in Rescue Mode in CentOS 7

Sometimes required network connectivity in rescue mode to take server logs to other server/workstation for further analysis as the networking is not enabled during the initial rescue environment setup.
This article describes How to Enable Networking in Rescue Mode in CentOS 7.
Follow the article How to Boot CentOS 7 in Rescue Mode Step by Step to boot the system in Rescue Mode.
Step 1. Available N/w Devices: Run the below ip command to show the available network devices to configure IP address:

Step 2. Make the Device UP: Run the following command to activate the network devices, in this case the network device enp0s3 was already activated:

Step 3. Assign IP Address: Run the following command on console to assign an IP address to the network device:

Step 4. Assign Network Route: Run the below command to assign network route for the interface:
Step 5. Validate the Configuration: Run the following command to validate the device status and IP address status:

Done!!! Network is enabled successfully and now able to ping the Gateway on Rescue Mode on CentOS 7.

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