Saturday 24 August 2019

How to Install Centos 7 Minimal Step by Step

This article describes the minimal installation of Centos 7. Here we are using Centos 7.6 image for installation.
Step 1. Bootable DVD/USB/ISO Image: Download ISO image from the Centos official site and write it on a DVD/CD or create a bootable USB device. Change the machine boot order to boot from the bootable source.

Step 2. Begin Installation: Once the bootable media is created, insert DVD/USB into appropriate drive and start the machine, select “Install Centos 7” and press [Enter] key from Centos installation wizard as shown in below screenshot.

Step 3. Welcome screen: In next step you should select language for installation and click on continue:

Step 4. Installation Summary menu: In this step choose the following installation options from the below menus:

            a. Date & Time
            b. Keyboard
            c. Language Support
            d. Installation Source
            e. Software Selection
            f. Installation Destination
            g. Network & Hostname
            h. KDUMP
            i. Security Policy

Step 5. Date & Time: Configure Time Zone with Date and Time as shown in below screen shot:

Step 6. Software Selection: Since Centos 7 minimal ISO used in this installation, so by default Centos minimal installation selected.

Step 7. Configure Network and Hostname: Setting of Network and Hostname can configure as shown below:

Once the Hostname configured click on Configuration button to configure Network settings (IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway and DNS if any) as shown in below picture:

Once the Network settings are configured click on save button and enable network adapter as shown in below picture:

Step 8. Destination Selection: Select the destination device to install the Centos 7 Operating System as shown in below screen shot:

Step 9. Start the Installation Process: Once all the configuration done according to the choice click on Begin Installation button.

Step 10. User Accounts: Click on ROOT PASSWORD menu in Configuration window:

Enter a strong password for root user and click on done button as shown in below picture:

Click on User Creation menu from the User Accounts to create other user account with normal and admin privileged account if any:

Step 11. Finish the installation: Once the installation process completed click on reboot button as shown in below screen:

Once Server is rebooted and it will come up with Centos 7 minimal operating system. Enjoy!!!

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