Saturday 1 January 2022

How to Install CentOS Stream 9 Minimal Step by Step

The CentOS Project is recently released CentOS Stream 9. It is a new community version of RHEL and added many new features for users.
This article describes How to Install CentOS Stream 9 Minimal Step by Step on KVM or other virtual environments.
Step 1. Downloading ISO Image: Download ISO image from the CentOS Official Site and boot the virtual machine from the downloaded ISO image.
Step 2. Begin Installation: Attach the ISO image into virtual machine and start/reboot the virtual machine and follow the instructions. Select “Install CentOS Stream 9” and press [Enter] key as shown in below screenshot.
Step 3. Welcome screen: In next step select installation language and click on continue to proceed further installation:

Step 4. Installation Summary Menu: In this step choose the following important installation options from the below menus: ·       
  • Date & Time
  • Software Selection
  • Installation Destination  
  • Network & Host name
  • Root Password   

Step 5. Date & Time: Configure Time Zone with Date and Time as shown in below screen shot:
Step 6. Software Selection: Select minimal installation from the menu and click on done as shown in below screenshot:
Step 7. Configure Host name and Network: Configure Host name and click on apply as shown below:
Once the Host name configured click on Configuration button to configure Network settings as shown in below picture:
Once the Network settings are configured click on save button and enable network adapter as shown in below picture:
Step 8. Destination Selection: Select the destination device to install the CentOS 8.0 Operating System and partitioning as shown in below screen shot:
Step 9. Set Root Password: Set password for root user to login after installation and post install configuration:
Step 10. Start the Installation Process: Once all the configuration done according to the choice click on Begin Installation button.
Step 11. Finish the installation: Once the installation process completed click on reboot button as shown in below screen:
Once Server is rebooted and it will come up with CentOS Stream 9 minimal operating system. Login with credentials provided in Step 9 as shown in below picture:
Done!!! CentOS Stream 9 has been installed successfully.

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