Friday 22 November 2019

How to Install GFS2 (Global File System 2) Packages on CentOS 7

GFS2 (Global File System 2) is a shared disk file system and interfacing directly with the kernel VFS (Virtual File System) layer. GFS2 file system allows concurrent access to local and multiple cluster nodes.

This article describes How to Install GFS2 (Global File System 2) packages on CentOS7.

Step 1. Package Installation: GFS2 package and its dependencies are available in CentOS 7 base repository and it can be installed using yum command:

[root@linuxcnf ~]# yum install gfs2-utils -y
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
  gfs2-utils.x86_64 0:3.1.10-9.el7

[root@linuxcnf ~]#

Step 2. Validate the Installation: Run the following command to verify GFS2 installation by checking its version:

[root@linuxcnf ~]# mkfs.gfs2 -V
mkfs.gfs2 master (built Oct 30 2018 23:29:43)
Copyright (C) Red Hat, Inc.  2004-2010  All rights reserved.
[root@linuxcnf ~]#

Done!!! mkfs.gfs2 command is installed on system to create GFS2 file system.

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