Monday 14 August 2017

RHEL 7.3 Could not detect disk array partition while installation

Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 on HP Dynamic Smart Array B120I SATA RAID.

1) Mount RHEL 7.3 ISO as Image File CD-ROM/DVD or Insert bootable media into DVD drive.
2) Make sure to enable Virtual Install Disk in RBSU (Go to BIOS and enable if you are using ILO).
3) Download suitable driver hpvsa from the HP official site.
4) Rename hpvsa-1.2.4-120.rhel7u3.x86_64.dd into hpvsa-1.2.4-120.rhel7u3.x86_64.img and mount as Virtual Image File (Removable Media) from the ILO menu and select the driver file.
5) Check in One-Time Boot option from server boot order and change it to boot from CD-ROM/DVD (one time boot).
6) When prompt Linux Installation option and press escape.
7) Append the following line and press enter:
Boot: linux modprobe.blacklist=ahci inst.dd
8) To install drivers some drives are appear choose any one drives sda or sdb etc for drivers.
9) When prompted, select driver to install press c:
10) After installing drivers press c to continue RHEL installation steps.

11) If everything goes fine during installation, will see HP Logical Volume (One HDD) that we can use for installation.

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