Sunday 29 September 2019

How to Install CentOS 8.0 Minimal Step by Step

The CentOS Project is recently released CentOS 8.0 for Linux users. It is a new community version of RHEL 8 and has many new features such as multiple versions of packages are available in CentOS 8 Base repository and App Stream for the additional user space applications.
This article describes How to Install CentOS 8.0 Minimal Step by Step on KVM or other virtual environments.

Step 1. Downloading ISO Image: Download ISO image from the CentOS official site and boot the virtual machine from the downloaded ISO image.

Step 2. Begin Installation: Attach the ISO image into virtual machine and start/reboot the virtual machine and follow the instructions. Select “Install CentOS 8” and press [Enter] key as shown in below screenshot.

Step 3. Welcome screen: In next step select installation language and click on continue to proceed further installation:

Step 4. Installation Summary menu: In this step choose the following installation options from the below menus:
·        Date & Time
·        Keyboard
·        Language Support
·        Installation Source
·        Software Selection
·        Installation Destination
·        Network & Hostname
·        KDUMP
·        Security Policy

Step 5. Date & Time: Configure Time Zone with Date and Time as shown in below screen shot:

Step 6. Software Selection: Select minimal installation from the menu and click on done as shown in below screenshot:

Step 7. Configure HostName and Network: Configure HostName and click on apply as shown below:

Once the HostName configured click on Configuration button to configure Network settings as shown in below picture:

Once the Network settings are configured click on save button and enable network adapter as shown in below picture:

Step 8. Destination Selection: Select the destination device to install the CentOS 8.0 Operating System and partitioning as shown in below screen shot:

Step 9. Start the Installation Process: Once all the configuration done according to the choice click on Begin Installation button.

Step 10. User Accounts: Click on Root Password menu in Configuration window:

Enter a strong password for root user and click on done button as shown in below picture:

Click on User Creation option from the User Accounts to create other user account with normal and admin privileged account if any:

Step 11. Finish the installation: Once the installation process completed click on reboot button as shown in below screen:

Once Server is rebooted and it will come up with CentOS 8 minimal operating system. Login with credentials provided in Step 10 as shown in below picture:

Done!!! CentOS 8.0 has been installed successfully.

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