Saturday 28 July 2018

How to install XRDP on Centos 7 / RHEL 7

XRDP is an Open Source Remote desktop Protocol server, which is allowing users to take remote of Linux Operating System from RDP clients. XRDP uses RSA Public Key and Private Key encryption to transfer data over the network.

Step 1: Install GUI if already not done, Follow the article How to installGnome GUI on CentOS 7/RHEL 7.

Step 2: Enable EPEL Repo, Follow the article How to installEPEL repository on Centos7.

Step 3: Follow the below commands to Install XRDP and tigervnc packages:

[root@linuxcnf ~]# yum install xrdp tigervnc-server
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror

[root@linuxcnf ~]#

Step 4: Start xrdp service and enable service at startup

[root@linuxcnf ~]# service xrdp start
[root@linuxcnf ~]# chkconfig xrdp on

Installation is done!!!

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